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1953 founded business offering quality-marked Lubricating Paint on jaw-dropping discounts!

About Us

Everything in this world has pros and cons. So does business expansion. However, which one the business runner gets to experience completely depends on how efficiently the business operations are carried out. There is no denying to the fact that performing different business activities without proper management can be detrimental to a business. However, we, Daito Co. Ltd., have been performing our job roles as a manufacturer and exporter, exceptionally well. Our strict adherence to systematic work approach ensures the same. By carrying out all the business activities systematically, we not only timely complete our orders of manufacturing Lubricating Paint of several types, but ensure their prompt delivery, as well. In addition, it is the support of our Managing Director, Masashi Hanamura, backed by which our employees have been handling their tasks with ease.

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We consider our employees to be one of the greatest assets that we have. Also, it would not be wrong to say that employee satisfaction breeds customer contentment.

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We are serving motor engine performance boosting products market ever since our business formation in the year 2007


The network we own sprawls across different locations. Thus, connecting us with our vendors, customers and other business partners without any hassle.

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